Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our 1922 Bungalow

My fascination with our home started more than five years ago - long before we bought it - when I realized that its beautiful lines, deep-set porch, and overall charm were exactly what I wanted in a future home.  I was watching a lot of HGTV at the time and found myself in love with homes that were referred to as arts and crafts bungalows.  Having lived in the same town my entire life, I noticed that there were very few homes in the area matching this architectural style.  But, there was one house in particular that had always caught my eye as it was on the street that led to my Memere's house.  I frequently found myself asking my husband if we could take a detour down the side roads with hopes that a lamp within the home would allow me a glimpse of its interior.  I even went as far as looking up its picture and characteristics on our local appraisal website.   I so loved it!

Then, one day while checking out the out the real estate listings for our area, I realized that my favorite house was actually for sale! I immediately felt a surge of excitement and panic and knew that we had to act quickly if I wanted a chance at buying it.  After a whirlwind of emotions and nerves, we closed on my dream home and the antique-looking keys were in our hands. 

Next month will mark our one year anniversary of living in our home and I find its charm and history to be as fascinating now as ever.  Though the previous owners told us that the home was selected from a Sears catalog, my husband and I have yet to find actual proof of its history.  This blog will follow all of our efforts to find out the history of our home and of the family who built it.